Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week One of our African Adventure!!

    We had such a great travel experience on our way to Africa. God was so faithful every step of the way. We had favor with our bags, our seats on the plane, our Visas...Just about everything we came across we were so blessed to have such a supernatural peace.We landed in Kilimanjaro on Tuesday at 2:50 PM and then the real journey began. Peter (the missionary that we are staying with) picked us and all of our bags (six bags, three carry-on bags, two car seats, and a stroller) up and brought us to our NEW HOME for the next 3 months. As soon as we walked in the door we were so welcomed by everyone. We enjoyed our first meal in Africa...MAC N CHEESE!! My girls loved Mrs. Mary from that point on!! We took the first two days to get unpacked and start getting settled in..It takes a long time to get eight bags unpacked. :)  Also trying to get all of us over jet leg has been difficult, but I am believing that in the next couple days our bodies will be on African time!!

   Today we met with another missionary that lives here in Moshi and we all went to look at the new property for the Emmanuel Center (the boys home here). We also drove to Njoro Village where the new playground will be built. John will start on that in the next couple days. This playground will be a major point of outreach for the missionaries that are here and also will be a place they will be able to show the Jesus film. This area is a very poor village and has a lot of prostitution and witchcraft so I am sure that there will be many opportunities to minister throughout the time it is being built. Tonight we will go to a local pastor's house to have worship..Very excited to see what all God has in store for our entire family while we are here! Thank you all for your prayers during our traveling process! It is such a blessing to know that we have such wonderful family and friends lifting us up in the spirit as we are here.

   We will try to update maybe once a week, but we will just see what all takes place! Love you all!!!!!!!!