Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week Two!!

Wow is all I can say about this week!! We have had a tough several days. At three o'clock in the morning (our time ) Monday John received a phone call from home telling him that his grandfather had been taken to the hospital with  stomach pain and while he was there he had some kind of potassium poisoning from medicine that they had given him and was in CCU. We got updates over the next couple days...some were good and some bad. Then while we were eating dinner Wednesday night we got a phone call telling us he had passed away. This has been very tough on John. We know we are in the will of God so that gives us great peace, but there were many moments that John was going to try to come home to see him. When we found out that he had died we both realized that there was probably no way he could make it home in time for the funeral. We are just trusting in the Lord through this time and we know that his grace is sufficient!! Please keep John and his family in your prayers...This was very unexpected and his grandpa will be greatly missed!!!

God has done great miracles for our Brooklyn this week, but both the girls have been under attack with their health. The first thing that happened was that Friday night Brooklyn started throwing up...It lasted for hours..The poor thing was so weak and couldn't even hold water down. John and I had been praying for her and all of sudden I started calling forth angels. A few moments later I opened my eyes and looked at Brooklyn and she was reaching out ( I believe for an angel ). She started humming and all of sudden she said momma and daddy then peacfully went to sleep....Our baby was healed!!!!!!!!!! She ate and drank all day on Saturday with out any problems. Then Saturday Presley started complaining of her ear hurting. We prayed over her all day Saturday and Sunday and the pain never went away. I went to a pharmacy here and bought her a antibiotic and after a few days now she is feeling much better. On Tuesday night Brooklyn started running fever...she ran fever all night and all day the next day...We took her to a clinic here and they did blood work and said she had a bacteria infection...We got her on an antibiotic and took her home. That night she started running 103 fever...John and I started praying and within 25 minutes her fever was 98.6...She hasn't ran any fever since, but she is still on the antibiotic....On top of all of this she is getting 5 teeth right now...Just be praying for PERFECT HEALTH for all of us and also for rest..We have still have not slept through the night one night since we have been here!!

  On a good note!!! John has been very busy this week. He taught three days this week to the leaders and teachers at an African school here. They have asked him to come back next week and teach to the secondary students. They have also asked us to give prophetic words to the staff and teachers on Thursday of next week. He will also be Preaching at an African church here on Sunday. Keep us in your prayers this week as we pour out to the people of Tanzania!!
We love and miss you all!! Pictures to come in the next couple of days on Facebook!!!