Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week Three!!!

   This week has been awesome!! Saturday morning we did a "treasure hunt" with a few missionaries that are here as well as some secondary students from a school here in Moshi. For those of you who don't know what a treasure hunt is, it is where you get with a group people and you pray and ask the Lord to show you either a person, place, color of clothing, a problem they may have,or maybe all of the above and then you go to that place and "hunt" for that person and when you find them get to minister to them. John, the girls, and I took two students from the school and we got a few things from the Lord and loaded up and went to town. ( The others broke into different groups as well) The main story I have to tell is one of the students who were with us prayed and the Lord showed her a man begging in front of the bus stop. So we drove by the bus stop and she spotted him. So we parked the truck all got out and went up to him. She told him that God had shown him to her and that we came to pray for him. He was sitting on the ground missing a foot, all of his fingers, and had leprosy. When she got done talking to him we asked her what he said. He told her that his family had gone to witch doctor and told her that they needed money so they gave him up for money. He went on to tell them he had all these curses on him. I asked the girl what his name was and she said "Nelson" . We immediately felt a connection in our spirit...John's grandpa who has just died..his name is John Nelson!! While the girl was first talking to the man John had felt in his spirit that he had a curse on him and somebody had been with a witch doctor. So when she told us all of this we just started praying for him. When we were done praying for him he said he believed in Jesus and loved him. We told him we would continue to come pray for him until God completely healed him. John has gone by several times this week and prayed for him. We are believing for him to be completely healed before we leave!!!!

   Sunday John preached in an African church here. Missionary friends of ours, Jill and Lewis started this church a while back. It is growing every week. John had a great word from the Lord for the people. They were all blessed by him. It was great experience for our girls as well to see church in a different culture. No nursery or a/c. Just a dirt floor with a tarp like material around it to make it look somewhat indoors. It didn't matter to us. Church was still amazing!! People still love the Lord and seek his face no matter what their church looks like. It is a great lesson for all of us from time to time! The Lord just wants us to seek his face and he will send his glory wherever we are!!

   On Monday John got back to work on the playground. They got all the post concreted in the ground as well as finished up securing the property. I am so proud of my husband. He never ceases to amaze me. He designed the playground and is building this thing from the ground up. He didn't go to Sam's and order the pre-built swing set. This thing is going to be amazing. He designed it to have a stage in the middle of two sections of the playground. Since the main purpose that Jilll (our missionary friend)  had when she got this vision was to have this playground in order to have outreaches, this stage will be awesome. They will be able to have puppet shows and whatever else they might want to use it for. It is going to be wonderful when it is all finished. I wish you all knew how hard he is working to get this done. It is almost 100 degrees everyday here and the property has NO shade!! Pray for his strength and hydration during this time!!

  Last week we were asked to come back to the school John had taught at to do some prophetic time with the staff of the school. We went today and spent 3 hours praying and prophesying over 15 different people. God really showed up. He used both of us mightily and we are so humbled that he chose us!! When we left today we had joy in our hearts and knew that this is why we have come!! We will go back next Tuesday and finish up with the staff of the primary school and then we have at least 35 more people they would like us to pray and prophecy over. We will spread it out over the next few weeks. We also met a Pastor while we were there and got to pray for him as well. He asked as to please come to his church while we are here. We are so excited to see God opening these doors for us here. God is moving through us and we are so thankful and humbled that he has sent us...We just want to remind everyone that has supported us in any way that these are your rewards as well!! We are so thankful for all of you and ask for your continued prayers through this wonderful season of our lives!! We have so many stories that we can't wait to share with you when we get home!! Love you and miss you all!!!!!