Friday, February 11, 2011

Week #4!!!!

 Well we have officially been here almost a month and we are enjoying life on the mission field. We moved out into Mary and Peter's guest house this week which has been really nice for our family to have some alone time. Its been quite awhile since its just been the four of us and we are really liking it!! The girls love sharing a room again and John and I are enjoying not having any babies in our room keeping us up at night!! We are all sleeping peacefully and it is about time because we have needed rest!! It is extreemly hot right now in Tanzania. During the day it is reaching almost 100 degrees. I know to all of you Louisiana people that sounds like a normal summer, but just imagine on those hot days when we all go inside and get cooled off with our wonderful a/c...Well not here in Africa..The only a/c we get is in the car....So the weather seems much warmer here....The good thing is my girls are sleeping well because they are pooped by the end of the day...(well so are mommy and daddy).
  This week was a really awesome week here. We went back to the school and did another couple of hours of prophetic time with the staff and God really moved...There were some major breakthroughs for some of the people we prayed for as well as the rest being VERY encouraged!!We are so thankful for the Lord using us!! John taught at the school three mornings this week and God really gave him so good words for the students...On Wednesday just a couple hours after John left the immigration officers showed up lookig for people who were teaching under Tourist Visas...Thankfully John was not there or they could have fined us or worse case deported us! God was faithful to protect us and we know his hand is on our family COMPLETELY!!!
  John also has been steadly working on the playground and it is coming in Africa things take MUCH longer than they do in the states, but he is working hard! This next week he will pull off of that project and work with Jeff ( A man from Maine) who is here and they will start putting the fence up around the girls home property.
  We have met a really sweet girl here who is from California.... we totally trust her and she babysat for us once this week while we did ministry. We are going to ask her to watch are girls one night this week so we can celebrate Valentines Day!! I think we will go to the little cafe that has Coffee and sometimes they serve chocolate cake ( Yes, you heard me COFFEE and CHOCOLATE CAKE in Africa) ..It  will be a nice get a way for me and my sweet man on that special day!!

  We can't believe how fast this time has flown by!! We are excited about the rest of our trip and even more excited about what God has in store for us for the coming season!! We love you all!! God Bless!!!!!!!!!!